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The author of this Australian road travel guide is well qualified to advise those wishing to discover Australia by road. With over fifty years of caravanning experience, he is a true veteran of the road. Following retirement, Colin & his wife Joan, took extensive road trips to explore Australia to discover its hidden secrets. They faced the major pre-trip planning problem that always tends to confront those who wish to start a journey to discover Australia. This problem was the lack of a quality Australian road travel guide. They  found it necessary to spend many hours of research prior to leaving on their trips. This book removes this problem and simplifies planning for those wishing to discover Australia on their travels.

The writing and publication of the book became a project spanning some ten years. Travelling in excess of 200,000km in their own journeys to discover Australia. Their major focus was on sites of historic and natural interest. Many of these are hidden in areas remote from usual tourist destinations. Their findings have been used throughout this high quality Australian road travel guide. There is a major emphasis on Australia’s outback along with  sites & towns remote from capital cities and well known tourist spots.

Colin used the information collected during their trips to prepare an  initial version. Seeking professional advice, he attended a travel writing course. This was conducted by published writer and Senior Editor for Interactive Publications, Lauren Daniels BA MFA. After reviewing his work, she advised the content was great, but his writing style had to change to accommodate a wide audience. The final result was a book that is acknowledged by both “on the road” and “lounge room” travellers, to be an excellent publication.

After reviewing the completed book, Lauren Daniels kindly provided the following testimonial: –

The book is a beautifully detailed tour of Australia; a ‘how-to’ perfect for its audience of keen roadsters and camper vans.  And the photographs, well they are truly exceptional.”

Travelling Australia by Road” is therefore, an Australian road travel guide that eliminates the arduous task of planning for travellers. Containing sixty interlinking routes and destinations, with state-by-state route maps, planning trips to explore Australia becomes a breeze.

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