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Australia is a vast country with many unique natural and historic features. Road travellers wishing to discover Australia need a quality travel guide. “Travelling Australia by Road” meets this criteria.  It has been produced to reveal, to those seeking to discover Australia, the best this great country has to offer. The book’s author, Colin McFarlane, with 50 years of caravanning experience, is a highly experienced traveller. Upon retirement, Colin and his wife Joan, set out on their own adventures to discover Australia. Over six years, they travelled in excess of 200,000km through all mainland states and Tasmania. Colin found that the effective planning of trips to truly discover Australia was a time consuming task.

Discover Australia without arduous planning

In creating this book, he has removed the arduous planning task to discover Australia for future travellers. It has been designed to enable effective planning of journeys over a specific time period. As a result, those setting out to discover Australia, can plan journeys lasting from a few weeks to many months. It contains sixty interlinking routes and destinations that cover all states. Comprehensive route maps are included for each state, along with a schedule of times & distances for each route to further simplify the planning task. The main focus of the book is to explore Australia’s regions well beyond capital cities and well known coastal tourist spots. Visit remote country pubs from the Cobb & Co. days. View the natural beauty of spots well away from the regular tourist tracks. It is these revelations that makes this book a unique publication, largely dedicated to the more remote areas.

Take this opportunity to visit travel routes. From this link you will be able to view a summary of each of the routes contained in the book. While it has been prepared with travellers in mind, “arm-chair” travellers have embraced the book. Many readers have advised that it is great to be able to explore Australia from the comfort of their own home.

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